X5N-SM StrongMesh Communicating Universal Touchscreen Thermostat


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The X5N-SM is a universal gas/electric (2H/2C) and heat pump (3H/2C) communicating color touchscreen thermostat designed for new or replacement commercial and residential applications where there is a need to network, remotely access, monitor and/or control settings on multiple thermostats. The thermostat works with Xbus and StrongMesh wireless systems. A direct-wire, easy-to-install subbase mounts directly on a standard vertical outlet box or any drywall surface using hardware provided.

This thermostat is a direct replacement for the following thermostats:  US32-SM


  • Gas/Electric/Oil (2H/2C) or Heat Pump (3H/2C) Operation
  • Selectable Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature display
  • Color Adjustable Backlight with Automatic Adjustable Brightness and Three Display Modes
  • Fan selector for continuous fan operation
  • Built-in short cycle protection & anticipation and droop
  • Front panel lockout with adjustable temporary override timer from 0min to 24 hours; +/-2oF to +/-8oF adjustment during override
  • Day/Night (Occupied/Unoccupied) button allows setpoint setback for energy savings
  • No battery required (maintains last setpoint/mode of operation following power outages)
  • Automatic changeover from heat-to-cool and cool-to-heat
  • 2oF (1oC) minimum Heat/Cool separation
  • Selectable minimum on/off time
  • Optional remote indoor, outdoor and duct sensing modules
  • Complete control and status via Net/X NT-IPXB controller & WCM-2 wireless coordinator

Technical Specifications

  • Rated Voltage: 20 to 30Vac, DC 24 nominal
  • Rated A.C. Current: 0.05 to 0.75 Amp continuous per output with surges to 3 Amps maximum
  • Rated D.C. Current: 0.0 to 0.75 Amp continuous per output with surges to 3 Amps maximum
  • Control Range: Heating: 38-88oF in 1o steps (6-30oC in 1o steps)
  • Cooling: 60-108oF in 1o steps (16-40oC in 1steps)
  • Thermostat Measurement Range: 28 - 124oF or 0 - 48oC
  • Control Accuracy: +/- 1oF @ 68oF (0.5oC @ 20oC
  • Minimum Deadband: (between heating and cooling) 2oF or 1oC
  • Dimensions: 5.1" H x 4.7" W x 1.15" D (128mm x 119mm x 29mm)
  • Equipment Terminations: R-switching voltage, W1-heat-1 or aux/emer heat, W2-heat-2 or aux/emer heat, Y1-compressor 1, Y2-compressor 2, G-fan, O/B-reversing valve
  • Power Terminations: 24V - power, 24V(c) - power common
  • Communication Terminations: StrongMesh Wireless
  • Sensor Terminations: RS+V - sensor power, RS1 - comm(+), RS2 - comm(-)
  • Setback Terminations: CLK1, CLK2 dry contact closure
  • Note: This thermostat contains electronic circuitry that replaces the conventional mechanical anticipator.
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